Posted on May 6, 2020

Drop Dead Delicious Pickling Company

Here’s is all the information you need to place an order.
• Email
•Place your order, we will verify stock
•Pre-pay, we will send you the total and request through email
•We will set up your drop off day
It’s that easy!
Daily Deliveries 10am-6pm
Safety first. NO contact. Porch only drop-off.
We accept Venmo (free), Zelle (free), PayPal (add $2 for fees). Minimum $30 order. Tips are appreciated.
Use this Email for payments:
This Weeks Fresh Flavors:
Bread & Butter Pickle
Salt & Pepper Dill
Sweet Jalapeño Pickle
*Sweet Pickle- NEW!
Tex Mex Dill
*Ugly Mustard Tex Mex- NEW!!
Bloody Mary Dill
Ugly Mustard Pickle
*Kosher Dill- NEW!!
Garlic Dill
Margarita Dill
*Keto Margarita Dill- NEW!!
Hot Garlic Dill
The Italian Dill
Hot Garlic Cauliflower
Hot Garlic Carrots
*Spicy Ugly Mustard Carrots- NEW!!
Hot Garlic Carrots & Cauliflower
Dill Greenbeans
Pickled Tex Mex Jalapeños
Pickled Fiesta Habaneros
Dill Jalapeños
$10 each pint jar
Some orders take 2-3 days for processing. Thank you for your understanding.
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